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Hope For Hagar

Healing of the HearT



Healing of the Heart: receiving Truth from Jesus

The Father’s Heart: knowing our identity as sons and daughters

Fruitful Living: knowing the Holy Spirit is our Helper

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There is nothing like seeing someone’s life touched and transformed by the love of God.
— Marguerite

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Marguerite was born and raised in South Africa. Her story is marked by the loss of her father as a young girl, and battling with lack of self-worth and identity issues. Through God’s transformational love and breakthrough, she went on to become first runner up to Miss Universe South Africa 1997 and a career in the fashion beauty industry. In the year 2000 her life took a new direction when God called her to do the CTF school of Ministry in Toronto, Canada. Marguerite, and her husband Andy moved to the U.S. in 2004. She’s ministered in North America, South America, UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Today Marguerite directs her international ministry for the broken hearted and persecuted to see them rise up in who God has called them to be. She’s been interviewed on international TV and Internet Shows and co hosted the CBN Spiritual Gifts Webcast with Gordon Robertson. She is regularly asked to do make overs, helping women shine from the inside out. She has begun equipping leaders, from multiple organizations, who serve in some of the toughest regions in the world.

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