"What Marguerite did for me through her session on healing and the father is the one thing that will follow me my whole life. I have never had a father who has hugged me, loved me or even said how beautiful I am and that I am doing well for myself. The inspiring session with how important it is to have had a good father figure opened up my eyes for how much it actually does reflect in our relationship with our God, the Father. To be able to have trust in our Heavenly Father is very much based in how we through our real life experiences choose to see and understand God. It became so clear and apparent that I have had trouble getting to know God, my Father, in that way. That hug that I received changed my life. I somehow could relax, I was loved just because I was not for who I am or what I have done. I know the Father now when I see Him or feel Him, I can relax in Him with a better understanding now. That is something I will always carry with me. So what Marguerite did and does is invaluable, and I am always grateful to her work.” Persian believer

I praise our father God for Marguerite's ministry. Father I thank you for bringing her to us.
I believe that God spoke to me through His daughter. We had been looking forward to this time so much. I will use the revelations I received today from now on in my life. I believe that God will continue to work. Through Marguerite I felt God's special love towards me and to all of us. He spoke to me at just the right time and gave me His blessing. He destroyed the lies that satan had sowed in my life. I had been mistaken and thought that some illnesses were punishment for sin. Now I want to use the truth and blessing in my life, and to declare it. God does not punish me. He is gentle-hearted and speaks in love and changes me. And further I want to know the truth about my Heavenly Father, who He is and declare it. I receive God's new strength, blessing and anointing. Thank you to Jesus my Lord, God the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Come again, Marguerite. May God continue to bless and anoint you and your ministry. Central Asian believer

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“Marguerite Evans is an amazing woman of God. She is like a daughter to us, and she carries the message of God’s healing love wherever she goes. The Holy Spirit uses her powerfully to bring life changing breakthroughs. Hundreds can testify of her fruitful, anointed ministry. We highly recommend Marguerite.”
John & Carol Arnott, Founders of Catch the Fire Ministries

“Transforming the hearts and minds of God’s people is at the center of Marguerite Evans’ ministry. God consistently uses her heart of compassion and love to break through the strongholds and bring healing in people’s lives. Her passion for the Kingdom of God is evident in her ministry and her life.”
Gordon Robertson, CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network

“Marguerite Evans is a unique woman of God. She carries a gracefulness and a graciousness that opens the hearts of even the most broken to receive the Father’s love. Her words of encouragement, prophetic insight and sound Biblical teaching leave people wanting more! She is a servant of the Lord powerfully anointed for our time.”
Dan Backens, Senior Pastor New Life Providence Church in Virginia Beach, VA

“Marguerite Evans carries a powerful ministry restoring the beauty and true identity of the bride of Christ. The spiritual and emotional freedom and the physical transformation released over the women Marguerite ministered to when in Cyprus was life-changing for the women and inspirational to witness. Her teachings during the conference were straightforward, practical and from the heart. What’s more, the impartations were powerful! The physical healings, especially of a lady who was deaf in one ear, were a glorious manifestation of God power alive in Marguerite.  We look forward to having Marguerite return and bless the people in the nation of Cyprus again.”
Roksoliana Melnyk, Founder of The Emerald Foundation

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