Women’s Conferences and Other Events in the USA and Nations

"What Marguerite did for me through her session on healing and the father is the one thing that will follow me my whole life. I have never had a father who has hugged me, loved me or even said how beautiful I am and that I am doing well for myself. The inspiring session with how important it is to have had a good father figure opened up my eyes for how much it actually does reflect in our relationship with our God, the Father. To be able to have trust in our Heavenly Father is very much based in how we through our real life experiences choose to see and understand God. It became so clear and apparent that I have had trouble getting to know God, my Father, in that way. That hug that I received changed my life. I somehow could relax, I was loved just because I was not for who I am or what I have done. I know the Father now when I see Him or feel Him, I can relax in Him with a better understanding now. That is something I will always carry with me. So what Marguerite did and does is invaluable, and I am always grateful to her work.” Persian believer

I praise our father God for Marguerite's ministry. Father I thank you for bringing her to us.
I believe that God spoke to me through His daughter. We had been looking forward to this time so much. I will use the revelations I received today from now on in my life. I believe that God will continue to work. Through Marguerite I felt God's special love towards me and to all of us. He spoke to me at just the right time and gave me His blessing. He destroyed the lies that satan had sowed in my life. I had been mistaken and thought that some illnesses were punishment for sin. Now I want to use the truth and blessing in my life, and to declare it. God does not punish me. He is gentle-hearted and speaks in love and changes me. And further I want to know the truth about my Heavenly Father, who He is and declare it. I receive God's new strength, blessing and anointing. Thank you to Jesus my Lord, God the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Come again, Marguerite. May God continue to bless and anoint you and your ministry. Central Asian believer

The Lord used this conference to set me free from a fear of being crushed by the wrongdoing of others. The fear was standing in the way of going forward. Thank you for how all of you collaborated with the Lord.


I was part of Marguerite’s team for the weekend. Saturday after she spoke, during the ministry time, it was a privilege for me to be able to minister to the women with her. I was able to witness so many of  them receive breakthroughs and healing-both physical and emotional. 
There was one woman in particular that I prayed for: As a child, she was sexually abused for many years. When she was finally able to open up about the abuse, her family did not believe and took the side of her abuser. The abuse alone was a painful burden to bear, but her family not believing and not helping her, compounded the pain. She felt rejected and betrayed. During the conference,  all of this pain emerged. I prayed for her and loved on her two different times. After the second time, I asked her how she felt. She said she feels better but the pain is still there. She said it was about 50/50. Marguerite happened to be standing nearby at that moment so I asked Marguerite to pray for this woman.
Later in the day, Marguerite was teaching and in the end she asked all the ladies to come up and receive "the father's hug" from the pastor and his wife. As the women started to approach,  I noticed the woman that I had prayed for had remained seated, but I saw that she had tears in her eyes. I went up to her and placed my hand on her shoulder. I told her that this was her time to receive the father's hug. She did not want to go and she did not think she was ready anyway.  She said "what will this hug do for me anyway?" I told her that right now, she just needs to be obedient and receive.  Just as the pain took time to take root, God is peeling away the hurt and pain, just like the layers of an onion; she went up to receive. 
That evening during worship,  she had a breakthrough.  She told me that ALL her pain was gone! Praise the Lord! She came to me and gave me such a big hug and just held me. She said to me, "Thank you so much for being so persistent and not giving up on me." I could even see with my own eyes that her face looked like it was glowing and that joy had replaced the pain. Stephanie Kriger

The weekend the Lord really revealed in me the elements of forgiveness and which of these elements I struggle with. Marguerite’s teaching Friday night was so insightful and revelatory. The prayers and ministry I received was so tender and sweet and I really felt the Lord’s touch in all of it! Thank you for creating such an atmosphere of His Presence, it was a huge blessing!

I was part of Marguerite’s team. I myself had an awesome time in the Lord. The presence was very strong in the church and as we met as a group to pray.   The worship touched many of the ladies including me. As and as you shared I could see many of them crying, sobbing, laying their heads down. They were appreciative of our touch, and I could tell they were being transformed. The message of the Father’s Heart always touches women’s lives. Every time I have been with you I have seen how this message touches lives. 
“Bethany”, the girls to whom I gave my word seemed to have been touched by it all. As she waited to be embraced by the pastors, she was very sensitive, and crying. I spoke to her some, and  told me she had received much, and I told her there was more for her. I could tell something else happened to her as she received more from the pastors.
From the other ladies, I remember one in particular who seemed  to be gasping for air as you prayed and played the CD.  I hugged her, and eventually she went to be embraced by the pastors. I am not sure, nor recall her name, but something happened deep happened in her heart.  
It was an amazing conference.  I was impressed by the beautiful decorations all over, and in particular on the tables.  The attention to detail was evident, and all ladies enjoy beauty. It was just beautiful!! Edna Perez

The conference has helped me realize that God loves me just the way I am. I don’t have to do anything or be anything for Him to love me.  I also realized I need to forgive myself & stop getting in God’s way of working in my life. Let go and let God.

Hello Marguerite, 
Thanks so much for the opportunity of joining you in the Women’s conference!
I intended to write this for you even before you asked us to send the testimonies. 
It never fails to amaze me how you provide opportunities for women like me who don't have any 'title' to step out to bless others and yet the blessings are poured out everywhere.  Once again, through your ministry, I've learned much more about grace and that there's room for everyone in the Kingdom and  we all are welcome to the Table. Furthermore, I've learned it's not about us but about God's desire of being closer to people. It is easier to step out and flow in the Spirit when we are encouraged by love and grace. For all of this, thank you! 
 Last Saturday at the conference, I had so much fun and was very blessed.  I have an increasing heart for women's ministry and my great joy is to see how women are touched by God  as they realize that He knows every detail about them, He loves them, forgives them and restores them and that He is willing to encounter them and fill out any need. It's my great blessing when I see Him speaking to them. It's priceless.! That was  how I felt on Saturday.  
During the revealing of the makeover, one of the hairstylists (Khalala) caught my eye and I saw a very beautiful picture of her. Later, during the ministry time, I prayed for her and at the end I described for her the picture that I had seen  earlier. I saw her dancing with children. The most beautiful dance ever! Children were holding her hands as she was leading them and her eyes were on fire of love for them. I could see that it was not a natural love, but the love of the Father through her.  The children were in the maximum expression of joy while looking at her and dancing.
By the time that I walked out to the parking lot to leave church, she approached me and told me that she had found interesting the fact of that vision that I had told her and that she and her husband have been thinking about starting a children's dance ministry!   
Many blessings, 
Lucena Ortiz

My experience was very positive and up lifting. I'm always amazed at how the Lord uses our same experience to help others.  I love how God co-labors with us with the Holy Spirit.   He gave me a word for a young lady and told me what color her top would be the day before.  If you step out, God always shows up. He is amazing. 
I experienced how God heals the hearts of women with the make-overs done by Marguerite and the team.  Women helping women building their confidence and self esteem, but most of all teaching them the realization that they are a child of the most high and their identity is in Christ.  It helps them to see how God sees them: as a beautiful daughter! All done with the beautiful Holy Spirit. I was so blessed along with all the women.  Thank you Pastor Kathy and Marguerite for making the experience possible.

Powerful teaching a very now word. Know the Lord is breaking down barriers to receiving the fullness of His love. I desire more of Him. I want to surrender all. This is a turning point of boldness and courage. Thank you Lord.

This Saturday at the Women’s conference I was totally blessed to see the transformations of both ladies who received the makeovers.  They glowed from the inside out. It was truly beautiful.  I also was blessed by a statement made by pastor Kathy.  She said, "Enjoy yourself where you are at."  I had gotten a sense of that from God probably for months but somehow hearing that "feeling" put into words totally solidified in my heart.  I'm truly grateful to her for that.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship.  I felt very welcome at the Church and I definitely had the impression great things were going to be done for the Lord in that place.  I was honored and blessed to be apart of it.  Thank you!
Also as I was praying for people I did hear one testimony from one young lady that revealed she received healing in an area of her life that she had not thought she needed healing in.  But God touched her heart and she did receive healing in that one area.  Praise God!
Rachel Timmons

Friday night – from the message spoken & from the prayer I got – about the Lord doing a work in me (healing, etc.)…. I got prayer for healing of disappointments and when I got home that night a circumstance happened that would normally have made me feel very disappointed, but last night was different. I had no strong emotional reaction (no fear, disappointment, etc.). I was able to trust the Lord in a whole new level, too. I feel that I received a breakthrough/healing during the conference that made the difference. Also Saturday morning I had visions of myself freefalling (surrender) and also the Lord shoveling out and washing out the rest of the “dirt” in my heart. Then I was able to flow better and more purely.

I went home the first night and emailed the healing that God has started.  I emailed on Marguerite’s web page. I thank you for this weekend. I have been hearing God speak to me about allowing Him to bring out my femininity. I have always been plain, uninterested in the “outward”. I now know that it was because of my insecurities. Now, I know why. Please agree with my prayers for the Lord to send me a “Mom, a mentor” to teach me how to be what He created me to be in these areas. I want my outside to reflect what He has made me to be on the inside. I know what He is doing He has healed me to allow me to walk in the beauty He is revealing to me. This weekend has birthed this desire in me.

The entire time the Lord was just lavishing me in His love. Deeper and deeper until I was invited to crawl into His heart, to be hidden in His heart and learn from Him there. His presence is where I belong and where I am changed.

I so appreciate how you took time to minister and follow the Holy Spirit. Thank you!

The conference had been in the bulletin but I hadn’t planned to attend. I had a horrendous week that could actually be described as life and death critical. It ended Friday afternoon that looked like total devastating defeat. I’d returned home and there was a message on my machine from a long time friend who had just started to attend the Church asking if I wanted to join her. I knew that I had a choice to make I could continue alone at home with the isolated pity party I have planned or I could choose to praise God and thank Him. I did not want to be around other women, I was upset, had been crying, was exhausted and discouraged, but as I chose to trust Him, my heart began to feel lighter as I got ready to go. I had heard Marguerite before and have always been blessed but I didn’t realize she was going to be the speaker. I saw her almost as soon as I walked in with my friend. I was so glad that I had come.

The Lord began to confirm His words of forgiveness and healing – a softening of my heart over hardness that had accumulated over years and years of very difficult losses and disappointments. Being hurt, very, very deeply by people I loved very much. It was another layer of forgiveness even though I had been a work in progress on that issue for a long time.

I knew that God wanted to do a cleansing, restoring, redemptive work, but I was so badly beaten that the shape of it was beyond my imagination to conceive. I just felt drained and numb. I cried through much of Friday evening with the tears randomly coming down as Marguerite spoke. It was wonderful to be there with my friend.
There was some unexpected delays arriving Saturday morning but I was in time to hear her again on Saturday. So many things I had thought of – yes I want to see those miracles in my life time and be used of God. I knew that God met me and it was exactly His timing after the trauma of the week. Thank you so much and God bless you.

It is a miracle I was even able to attend the conference because I work in retail. On Thursday I received my newsletter with the reminder of the conference and knew I needed to go and realized the times worked with my schedule! It has been 2 days of just tears in the sweetness of God’s Presence as He continues to go to deeper parts of my heart, taking away years of cynicism and pride. The conference has been an encouragement to get to roots of issues in my life, to walk in what God has for me! Truly an incredible experience.

These words impacted my life this weekend: Our faith should be in the power of the Lord. He has given us power and authority and He expects us to use it.

I have been struggling with a contradiction within myself. I feel called to reveal truth, to walk into the darkest of places and shine God’s light. But at the same time I have felt trapped by fear and intimidation.
While I have the boldness to stand in front of a crowd and preach the Gospel I become timid & fearful whenever I am asked to be vulnerable.
Through this conference and especially through the ministry of a prayer team member, God revealed to me that I’ve been believing the lie that I am unprotected.  The prayer team member prayed for me, and helped me to extinguish the lies I’d been believing and receive His Truth. Much freedom has come as a result.
God also showed me that I do not have to clothe myself in armor of self protection / preservation. He showed me if I am willing to take off my own armor He will clothe me with His Royal garments, He will make His extravagant affections known to me.

 I had been afraid for pray for healing over people. Now I know that I need to trust in His power instead of mine.
I am coming up on my senior year in high school and this fall is going to be crazy busy. I have health problems and other barriers to tell me that I won’t be able to succeed. But God told me to look forward to this fall because He will do amazing things. It’s a great opportunity to trust Him and rely on the Holy Spirit to carry me on.
I had a word spoken over me about finding jewels in every rough situation. I have had a rough past few months both physically and emotionally but know that God is already teaching me how to find a nugget of good in every situation and grasp on to it to give it back to Him.

So amazing to be surrounded by women empowering one another and praising God! So glad I came. And best of all… God told me He Loved me and that I should remember that and be in Love with Him always.

Saturday: I was so glad you mentioned that you don’t have to feel anything physical to pray for others – just obey. We are the vessels, just make way for God to work. A revelation to me. The Kingdom of Heaven is in reach.

Saturday: I had been afraid to pray for healing over people. Now I know that I need to trust in His power in stead of mine.

I heard about the conference from one of my friends. I’m thankful for the ministry. God “Unveiled” me.

Marguerite, your voice is so soft, sweet, compassionate, loving, kind. You are an awesome child of God. I could feel the anointing of the Lord all over you. Your testimony was a true inspiration of just how God is so awesome and can heal us. God bless you.

He has delivered me from an abusive marriage. He gave me and my children a home, food, and is replacing what we lost, healing the hurt, repairing the damage. Today He allowed me to hug my daughter while she cried. I have not done this in the seven years since He gave her to me.

I want to thank you for coming to minister to us. Because of your faithfulness, the Lord opened my eyes to see that I do have a destiny and a purpose in the Kingdom of God. Thank you.

Received incredible peace, confirmation & was strengthened.

I received deliverance deep inside. Impartation of prophetic gifts.

I was really blessed by your ministry. Your message really spoke to my spirit  and was an encouragement to me. The Prophetic word you gave was right on! And very confirming. You have been such a blessing. Thank you!

Got major healing from a “blocked intimacy” – kept me from intimacy with my   Lord & husband. Holy Spirit revealed the root of problem. I was born in 1942   in Germany with very angry home scene (trauma, pain & fear) and I decided  that “I didn’t want to live – too painful”. The Lord set me free!

Such a real blessing – grew in the Lord. Confirmation of gifts. Fullness of Joy. Such a profound experience in the Presence of the God.

I actually don’t have the words to say how I’ve been blessed by the conference. It was heartfelt, Spirit-filled & just being in His Presence was the greatest reward. I was transformed and I will never be the same. Bless you Marguerite. You & Janico did an awesome, wonderful job. Thank you.

The Lord blessed me with boldness to proclaim His word. He removed hindrances from my childhood, healed me of past hurts, and filled me with His love.

I spent almost a year asking the Lord for direction for my life. On Saturday night the Lord gave me thorough, specific, strategic direction for my path in   building the Kingdom. I only expected to receive from God through Marguerite a   word or two but she gave so much more for my life.

Dear Marguerite, I praise the Lord for meeting with you at this conference. I saw how God amazingly uses you, touching women’s hearts and believe how beautiful they are. May God bless you. Be the source of God’s love and light and mercy! When I look at you, I see how Jesus is shining through you. I see God’s light, and His glory flowing through you.

Thank you so much for sharing God inside of you with us. Love you,

Tonight I came here with a heavy burden on my heart. I have been feeling like the Lord has been telling me to step into my gifts and to step into the boldness inside of me. Tonight that was released and confirmed for me. There was a prophetic word that was given to me that confirmed what I was feeling. The confusion, anxiety, and pain was released tonight. My mind and soul are clear. I can hear the Lord and see so clear. 

I have been holding onto feelings since I was a young girl and was feeling it more so now that I am a single mother of not feeling good enough. I would openly say I’m worthless to my son’s father and his family. Tonight God told me I am Special. A feeling I truly believe. I am loved. Thank you for sharing tonight and praying with all of us. 

I praise the Lord for setting me free from hurts, wounds, heart aches, grief, feelings of worthlessness, shame guilt, abandonment, fears, and unfulfillment. I thank Jesus for saving me, then working on the healing process. By His Power, I was able to forgive myself and others. I pray-by name- for loved ones who need to be set free and have genuine forgiveness for others. Praise God for this evening and everyone who worked so hard.

Powerful! My Daddy died 12 years ago and he wasn’t perfect, but I knew he loved me. I almost left early with a headache, but so glad I stayed for my “Daddy Hug”. I could not believe how much I needed that hug—and how warm and healing it felt. I could have held on for an hour, it felt so awesome. I didn’t think I needed to go up, but with a little encouragement I finally did! Praise the Lord.

I really enjoyed how you explained the process of being healed from deep rooted pain. I was a victim of mental and physical abuse to the point I lost myself in the relationship. But truly God is a deliverer. I was delivered out of the relationship back in 95, but yet I still struggle with the pain of the abuse. I usually want to hide my pain, but now I know God wants me to give it completely to Him so I can be completely delivered. I now know the Father’s love. Although I was a child of incest, I now have been adopted by God the Father. I AM His and He is mine.

I received a revelation of God the Father as my Father and me as a daughter. Deliverance came over me that melted and healed my broken heart, that made me realize my anxiety, worry, and doubt issues stemmed from having no father growing up. I am free. The burden has been lifted. While I was praying, I saw a vision of me standing next to my father (earthly) opening my hand and holding out my arms and as I opened my hands and held out my arms I began to float up and away. As I was lifted up, I felt lighter and lighter.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your testimonies! I thought I had received the healing that I came here to receive after I was horribly wronged in February from ---------------, but both you and Karen strengthened the power of the Word of God placed in my broken, damaged heart! Satan does all he can to steal away the Word right after it’s placed in us, but he didn’t succeed this time. After so much healing and revelations this weekend, the CORE of the lies I’ve dealt with since childhood was based in my misunderstanding of my Heavenly Father. I embrace Him now as my Daddy after 33 years of walking with Jesus.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from my one-on-one time with Marguerite. I figured it would be an awkward get together with someone I barely knew, but God had a surprise for me. Marguerite and I did the meet and greet thing, and then we opened up in prayer. That is when things started to change in my heart and mind. God began to speak to me and reveal moments in my past that needed healing. Through prayer, and open heart, and listening ear, I was able to work through hurts in my life that I haven’t been able to open my heart and mind to before, none less work through them. It was a very emotional but much needed time. I walked away from that one-on-one time with Marguerite with a sense of peace that I’ve never felt before. I feel very blessed by this experience, and I could never show the amount of gratitude that I feel for those who made this possible! Thank you!

I believed that God had no time for me or a selective time frame to be with me or help me. I received this at 2 years old when my daddy left me on the beach with my mother (my mother was not emotionally available to me) I ran after him calling “Papi! Papi! Papi!” But he told me to go back to mommy. Later that day they saw me on the news (apparently the news team was there to cover the terrible heat wave and the masses of people who escaped to the beach) My mom later told me the anchor man said, “Look at this little girl screaming for her Daddy,” and they laughed thinking it was cute, but in my heart I believed it was not funny nor cute. I learned God was with me sometimes. Then around 3 I wet my pants and my dad hit me. He was so angry that I did not go to the toilet. I learned the anger of God for doing wrong. Again at 5 ½ my brother was about 2 ½ and he wet his pants and I felt horror and fear as I watched my father approach my naked brother’s penis with a lit match—not to burn him, but to scare him into being potty trained. I learned God (Father) was a punisher. As crazy as this sounds, my father was my cheering section. He believed in me. My mother (then) was emotionally unavailable, verbally abusive, told me I was stupid, a whore (when I was a virgin), no good, not her daughter. I allowed those words to permeate my entire being. I believed those lies and ultimately, looking for love, I was date raped at 18 and from then on I became promiscuous. At 20 my father passed away and left me with my mother who hurt me deeply. I blamed God for taking my father. I believed God was a punisher even more when I felt he took my daughter who I wanted so badly. God revealed to me today that it was my choice to force a pregnancy that wasn’t to be just yet because my body was not ready. I was anorexic, bulimic; of course my child would be born with terrible spina bifida and hydrocephalous! She is in Heaven, His little “Angel” (her name) who brings Him much joy! My husband was an alcoholic, an adulterer. God told me I chose him to continue the punishment I unconsciously believed I deserved for all my sins of promiscuity! He said, “I gave him so many chances to choose me, choose life. He chose women, sex, and alcohol. He neglected his family and the pain was about to increase, so to save you and your children from more pain, I took him away. The ultimate message God revealed to me today is, “I AM a Merciful Loving God who will never ever leave you nor forsake you. I am with you Always, even when you leave me. I will provide your needs. I will take care of you and your family. I will protect you even from yourself! I love you, my dearest one, Always and Forever. I will dry your tears.”

Friday night I dealt with my guilt that came from my rapes. I always thought it was my fault. God comforted my heart and let me know that it wasn’t my fault and for that He started to unpack the lies that came from it.

I can't begin to tell you of the far-reaching depths of Love that poured into so many hearts last Saturday.
The way that you bring the Father into the full picture of the Good News, is just simply mind-blowing. I guess I should really say HEART blowing and RE-Structuring!
The minute I walked into the room, the obvious and very real Presence of the Lord surrounded me & greeted me.  It was so unexpected , as the 'Love Bandit' strikes again.  I have been going through a particularly hard time the last few months.  I knew back in April as I was studying John 15 - "I am the Vine and My Father is the Vine-dresser."
He (the Father) cuts off every branch that bears no fruit. He has been showing me the branches in me that bear no fruit. And every branch that does bear fruit, He prunes SO THAT when it is the right time, that branch will bear more fruit. As I am hidden in Jesus, there have been some branches protruding out of His Robe (so to speak), that have detracted from His Own Glory.  They have to go, so in my surrender I am beginning to die more, in the midst of a lot of my own crying, but He holds the branch tenderly as He prunes.
There was a tender freedom in the room as you began sharing the testimony of your own life. You had such transparency as you shared the sexual abuse in your life at such a tender age, and how that built you into a very strong person. As you shared about meeting the Father, and the way you speak of surrendering that beloved coat, and how he repaid you back 1000%.....STUNNING!
During all of the ministry times, I was once again in awe of how distinctly faithful God is to pour Himself out to each individual.  Right where they are at!!!
The one that stands out the most was a woman I came upon while ministering to the people. She took my hands and looked deep into my eyes and told me the story she said she has never told anyone.  This remembrance had been locked away deep inside of her heart.  She had 'forgotten' it until that moment. For the first time since she's was a young woman, Holy Spirit brought up the remembrance of her earthly father abusing her.  She could never relate to Heavenly Father before this time, always having been solely focused upon Magnificent Jesus and unable to relate to His Father. 
Just another note....Jesus refers to the Love that  He and His Father bringing to us no less than 31 times in just 5 chapters of John,.....Chps, 13 - 17. He is showing the FULL EXTENT of His love toward us. There is no other base line for true identity than knowing who we are. It's not about our gifts.  Oh I LOVE this!~
WOW!!! I told her in that time that this is the Freedom she has been looking for.  She was laughing in the middle of her tears.  God began an amazing work of identity, whereby she will be able to cry out as Jesus .....Abba Father.
Romans 8: 15-17 " For those who are led by the Spirit Of God (boy was He leading her!) are the children OF God!  (the reality of That part was missing I believe in her life).  The Spirit you received does NOT make you slaves, so that you live in fear AGAIN. But rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to Sonship."
The real translation from the Hebrew is actually "placement of Sons" when we are born again  ....
He also healed my TMJ – it is a slow but none the less DRAMATIC healing. I have the MRI report from the Oral Surgeon - a crumbled jaw bone - now healed with NO PAIN and the ABILITY TO EAT ANYTHING>
Oh MMMMM!!!  How can I ever thank you for inviting me?  You bring the Whole message of the Three in One in such a POWERFUL and beautiful way. You pack HOPE and LIFE into every word. You truly are His letter, written upon your life and heart.
I'm sorry this is so long. When you have an hour, lets have coffee, I am praying for you so much and know that you are the fine tool that God is using to set so many people free and for them to walk in Sonship just as Jesus did.
I love you doll!!!
Karen Machovina

A lady who came for prayer she had lots of pain in her lower abdomen and when she walk  it gets worse, she uses a cane. I said stand up and walk, she did and I followed her she said she had no pain then I said jump, she did, again she said no pain then I said dance she did, she was laughing and dancing then she went to her friend and told her that the pain are gone, her friend said really!!   This happened Saturday night. Sunday morning she came to the service with her big smile and she said I slept  good no pain all night and still no pain this morning. Marguerite called her to the front to give her testimony she was filled with joy.
A lady who carried heavy burdens, she said sometimes she couldn’t breathe because of her son’s addiction. We prayed releasing her son into God’s hand. Continue ministering to her she said something lifted off her chest she begin to cry and laughing at the same time.
my personal testimony
Saturday  morning  Marguerite speaks  about the Father’s love, I heard her spoke about it many times but somehow the Lord touched me in such a tangible way. Saturday night during praise and worship my Father God said to me “ you used to dance with the devil and embraced his song but now look at you, you are dancing with Me, you are back into my arms and nothing can separate us now. I love the way you dance and sing. It was such a special moment for me because we are dancing together and He whispered this word in such a gentle way.  Emily Holley

I was so blessed to go to NY with Marguerite and be a part of her team.  Just being able to go was a gift from God and my husband.  It didn’t seem like something I was going to be able to do.   I wasn’t completely sure I should be trying to go on this trip and so I kept trying to just let it go but it kept coming up and so I thought to myself if I have the opportunity I’ll mention to Marguerite that I’d like to go but didn’t think it’s possible and if she says there’s one spot left on the team then maybe that’s for me.   So the opportunity came that I was able to do that and she said there’s one spot left on the team.  I could hardly believe it.   So I had hope, still not totally convinced it was mine though, I waited a day to ask my husband about it, and then it came to me to ask about going as a Christmas gift for me.  
It really fit for me to ask that because I felt a little guilty asking to do something for myself this close to Christmas.  I knew my husband’s heart was to really give me what I wanted for Christmas.  I just had a peace after that and I had a feeling it was all going to work out and even God had helped me come up with it.  So I asked my husband and he said yes!  It was so exhilarating to be finally going on a ministry trip.  
That was special in and of itself for me but God somehow found a way to make it even more special.  The Saturday morning we were at Gateway City Church to minister to them, while Marguerite was praying at the end of her message, I physically felt something kind of come into my spirit.  It’s hard to describe it; I haven’t ever had anything like that happen to me.  I kind of jumped and immediately thought what was that?  I heard God in my heart say it’s a gift, because I had just felt it hit me, there was no doubt about it, I was completely overwhelmed by the thought of Him giving me anything.  He’d already given me so much, the trip which was more than enough, more than I expected.  I was just amazed that He was just waiting for that moment to give me something else.  So I just sat there a minute, savoring the moment, holding on to it, until He said “Go ahead and open it.”  
Then, honestly, I had a moment of apprehension, what if it was something that I had to do, something I had to work for, what if there was a condition to it.  I thought, I don’t care, I want it, so I “opened” it (receiving what He wanted to give me, not physically but in my heart, touching the core of who I am in Him, Royalty) and it was this beautiful diamond tiara. It sparkled with pink and white diamonds; it was just a gift, a glorious, stunning gift that He had just for me.  I wanted to hold that memory to myself but the Lord told me to share it.  He said that’s what He wanted to do for that church.  He wanted to give them gifts as well, ones with no strings attached.  In fact, He wanted to shower them with gifts.  I could see these wrapped presents falling from heaven on the congregation, after I gave the word to them.  It was really cool. 
This was my favorite moment of the trip but God did so much more.  He gave us words to pray over a lot of people.  So many people there were just hungry for Him; it was a very special time.  We were able to love on them in a way that could only come from the Father.  
It just seemed as if He was guiding us along the whole way, actually tracking where we were and protecting us.  It truly felt like an assignment from God and I am so thankful to have been a part of it. Really I don’t feel like the same person who left to go on this trip.  I feel really different and I don’t even know if I know all the reasons why I feel different.  I just know I’m not the same and I know it’s because of Him.  He’s an amazing God and I’m so very glad to know Him, just even the little bit I know.
Rachel Timmons

Testimonies: Mother – Daughter (Tween/Teen) Retreat
I LOVED this weekend. It was so fun. I would recommend this for my friends. I learned how much God loves me and how precious I am! Kate 11yrs

I liked that you shared stories with us and that we knew others experiences. I learned that I need to let God more into my heart.       Elena 11yrs

I really liked this weekend. We did lots of fun things and I learned a lot about how to keep myself happy and really listen to God because He has a plan for every one of us. Alleigh 11yrs

I Loved everything! I learned how to walk the walk! I loved you teaching us about God! You’re amazing and have the best sense of style. Thank you SO much! Emma 11yrs

This weekend was an opening experience towards my relationship with God on a deeper level. I have never truly sat and listened for Him, but it was so heartwarming to listen to Him and let Him speak His love to me. Being able to think about the people in my life and openly with my heart willing to forgive was a refreshing breath of relief in my soul. Thank you so much for coming and sharing what you had to say to us. Eva 16yrs

I really enjoyed being able to have quality time with my Mom as well as learn about Jesus in a guided way. I found ways to forgive others, and I learned a structured and appropriate way to forgive others in the way God wants me to. I have a better outlook on purity. I have been told many different views, but I related and understood this approach the most. I think I grew closer to God in that I realized all things that Jesus did for me and how un-appreciative I am and have been. I had an eye-opening experience. I really enjoyed it and wish I could’ve come the entire weekend. Caroline 16 yrs

Tentmeeting Testimony

Dear Marguerite,
I want you to know what a Blessing you were to me at the revival. Your sermon touched me so deeply. It was as if you knew where the last bit of pain from my childhood was and you reached it. The love that I missed and so longed for from my (earthly) father has finally been healed…I thought that I had already cried it all out but that night, your words and your heart just touched mine and the grand finally of tears flooded out uncontrollably. I was crying so hard, when I felt two small hands on my shoulders and someone resting their head on my back…and just holding me and comforting me. It was the most wonderful feeling, a feeling that I had not felt since I was a child when my Mother would hold me in comfort. I am 55 years old and all of the sudden I was a child again and being nurtured the way I had always needed but had not had since my Mom died when I was very young. I so wanted that love from my abusive, alcoholic Father but of course he was never able to give anything but negative and hurtful attention.
Marguerite, the pain that I have carried and the damage that I felt from my disfunctional Catholic family just about did me in.
I did not know God and did not like the God that I was taught in catholic school so I just kinda invented my own version and threw myself into the one love and talent that I had.
My gift for training horses I knew came from God but I never included Him in it.
I had a wake up call when I turned 50 and had a very serious injury and back surgery. After that things changed, the only way that I had defined myself and the only thing that ever gave me any self worth was now in jeopardy…I was nothing without being a top horseman…all that athletic ability and talent and now “superwoman” had to have help to get to the bathroom! I thought my life was over and the recovery took years. I think I wanted to die because I tried to drink and drug myself to death.
I hit an all time low when the love of my life, my only child, my son, came to me and said “Mom, I love you but I’m going to have to do it from a distance because I can’t stand to see what your doing to yourself” Oh that hurt, and so I started to pray and I would pray hard and ask God to fix Cameron, and I would tell God that He needs to do something to my son and make him understand how much I love him and miss him… The day the Holy Spirit came into my life was such a miracle….I still get goose bumps…and God made it very very clear who needed fixing…Oh yes, did I need a huge fixing… Whew!
All of that happened last year. I started going to Church last June and the Holy spirit came into me in January 2010 and I got baptized on Easter Sunday and gave my testimony in front of the whole church. God has been working so hard on me and changing me and believe me that’s a huge MIRACLE!!!
The arms around me that night in the tent were Kim Rodriguez’s, sweet, sweet Kim, she knew my pain she held me and rocked me and cried with me. It was the most healing, wonderful feeling and the last bit of pain from my chilhood was cried out. I can truely forgive my Father…Because for the first time in my life, I have a real Father and family that really, really love me…just for me..
With all the trophys, buckles, saddles, ribbons and records I’ve set…none of those things can ever compare to the rewards I have now…with my real Father in Heaven! I am so fortunate that Daddy never gave up on me even when I gave up on Him. I have a trophy now like no other I could have ever earned…one that cannot be earned! And you, my beautiful sister in Christ, are my new family along with Kim and many others that have touched and healed me. God has renewed my relationship with my son and is restoring me back to a value that I never knew I had…and I no longer need an award to validate myself!
I just wanted you to know the impact you had on me that night and how God’s Holy Spirit was working overtime to heal and change my heart.
Thank You so much, Marguerite.
With Sincere Love,
Donna Crossman

Central Asia

Friday night I dealt with my guilt that came from my rapes. I always thought it was my fault. God comforted my heart and let me know that it wasn’t my fault and for that He started to unpack the lies that came from it.

My blood pressure changed to normal after prayer. 
God always wait for His Children with open arms and He received me. I’m very grateful to God for Marguerite’s ministry for her big heart. May God bless Marguerite and team.
Team’s hearts were pure. Very grateful that God healed my heart. All ladies from my country bless Marguerite with love.

I bless God because God took my fear. He exchanged my fear with His love and peace and showed me a way to have intimate relationship with Him.

I’m very grateful (I’m very young) but my heart is full with defensiveness and anger from my childhood and everything because of my father. I had a very hard childhood and Mother. Father violent and abusive and every day my heart was hardened. I love my mother very much, she had planned to kill my father. This year in October I got an answer for prayer. My father stopped drinking and smoking. I’m very grateful but in my heart still was still filled with bad memories. Today I came for the ministry because of my father. Now I’m different after ministry. I’m very grateful to God and Marguerite.

I’m very grateful for healing of my heart. During the ministry I realized my parents loved me even my father never told me. I’m very grateful for my Heavenly Father He showed me. I’m not telling my children enough that I love them. I’m doing the same as my parents did. I feel very light now because I received revelation of God’s love and how much He cares for me. I received revelation that God is alive.  Until this ministry I felt hopeless because my son have a very bad marriage and I prayed and now I know God cares and that changes everything. I’m very grateful for this kind ministry because now the situation is in God’s hands. 

Dear Marguerite
This is the second year time in your ministry. Last year you received a vision for me you said you saw a two story, white healing center and I doubted it was from God. Because my husband was an alcoholic and we didn’t have any money for this kind of ministry but a miracle happened. My husband quite drinking! Second miracle he went to another country with the pastor and God changed him, he saw God’s blessing and in his heart started to burn a new vision to open a fund for people to donate money for a healing center in my country. Praise the Lord for healing.
Please Marguerite pray for me and my husband. May God give me strength, vision and patience.  During today’s ministry a miracle happened to me. God set me free from worries from childhood. Thank you God and Marguerite. With love 

Today I received a revelation that my family will have a good future. Because I’m first generation Christian. I broke the curses today during our prayer time. I believe because I’m saved my whole family will be saved. Amen.
I’m very happy to know the Truth. Through my prayer my family will know God and the right way. Please pray for me to be a wise Mother.

I had very serious pain, headache. All the pain left. Until the ministry I felt like I was in court, before judge and was guilty, and it was my fault. But now I’m free, I received freedom. My heart is filled with peace.

I’m very grateful to God for this conference. I had a broken heart. 
In my heart I understood and felt God call for me to minister to abused women. In October I fasted for 21 days. I felt God called me to do that. I didn’t remember until the fast what happened me to me 13/14 years ago. God reminded me during the fast. I cannot express all the pain. My cousin and 5 of his friends took me after school in their car and drove behind the city. Several times this happened. They raped me one by one. They took my clothes and make me drink alcohol. Pouring it down my throat. My whole body had bruises and blood everywhere. One of my girl friends killed herself because they did it to her too.  She drank poison.  All this rape was taking place a whole year. My male friend tried to help me but they killed him with a knife before my eyes. It is a miracle I’m still alive. I was hiding myself for a whole year. I can’t express the pain and everything that I went through. Just a few days ago I decided to kill myself in the same way, drinking poison. 
I planned to drink poison and go to the bridge and jump. I told God I cannot take it anymore. At 5 years of age my brothers and father raped me. I tried to forgive, little by little and receive God’s healing and in the same time I tried to help women who went through the same. In the last 2 years I was overwhelmed with pain and I started to hate God. Something happened during the conference. Thoughts to kill myself went away and God gave me a second repentance. 
God gave me a vision God took me out of from big mud and Jesus received me and blessed me and Marguerite and team was a huge blessing for me. I don’t have even words to explain how God changed everything. May God bless you all. May God bless your ministry, Marguerite. Thank you, thank you so much for your testimony and ministry. 

I received salvation in 2003. I was abused until 27 years by parents. When I 18 I was raped by stranger an adult man. Until today, this seminar, I was overwhelmed by pain and guilt. I was heartbroken. I’m so grateful to Marguerite and God. Finally I’m free from what happened to me, I’m free from the guilt. God set me free. I felt guilty before God the Father. Thank you so much Marguerite. Now I can minister to other women. I work with mothers with handicapped children. I’ve been doing this for 6 years. Filled with pain, guilt and shame, now my ministry is changed.
Please pray for me we need wheelchairs for the handicapped children. Please pray for finances.

I’m 58 years old. In 2000 I had an accident and I was completely deaf in one ear until today, Nov 30. During prayer and Marguerite anointed with oil and told her God. I felt God’s presence and power and after that I got a feeling in my ear and I closed my ear with my hand and then I started to hear Hallelujah, Praise God. Impossible became possible. Hallelujah.

I got a new revelation who’s Holy Spirit and how to give Him time. When Holy Spirit comes, His Presence is so sweet and I don’t want Him to leave. 
I got revelation of repentance. I need to repent and ask Jesus to reveal His Truth. Before I didn’t understand or prayed this way.
Before to pray for one another I need to check my heart. 
I have to check every thought, is it truth or not.
I learned how to pray/minister to another person. 
I asked Jesus to set me free from hurtful memories and show the root. I received healing, freedom and I’m very grateful to God for sister Marguerite for her personal ministry to me. During prayer I asked God to hug me and kiss me and He did. He answered through Marguerite so many times. It’s a miracle. Jesus in me and I’m in Him.

I want to give this testimony how God set me free from shame, pain towards my earthly father today. The Lord gave me peace and rest in Him. Marguerite asked us to ask God about our earthy fathers and write what He showed us. I was 14/15 years old. Guests were coming to our home often. We had a two bedroom home. Guests were staying overnight. My mother made a bed next to our father and it was ok with me until I woke up and my dad’s hand was going through all the intimate parts of my body, under my underwear. I was shocked and felt shame and I could not share this with anybody. I kept this pain and shame in my heart for so long. Today I was set free from shame and pain because I trusted my father. I loved him and trusted him. It was not just one time, but several times. Today God set me free. 
Today my earthly father received Jesus, he is saved, he bless me and pray for me and he is serving the Lord. 

In my family they expected me to be a boy but I was born, a girl and four more girls after me. Every single time they expected the boy.  Finally it was a boy, the 6th child. But my father was thinking my mother is not capable to have boys so he decided to have another woman on the side. Thinking she will give him sons. But this lady gave him 2 girls. After this lady he got another lady and she gave him a girl. I grew up understanding my father was unhappy and abusive towards my mother and I saw how unfair life is for women. I saw much hardship for women. They are always lower than men. I observed how difficult my mother and other women’s lives were. I asked my mother why I have to be a female. My mother said to me I know if you were a male your father would buy you everything, a car, and everything that you would want. I got married and I only saw the man 2 times before marriage. My father chose this man. He was a cousin. After I gave birth to a son I received Jesus but my husband was from another faith. He abused me physically and emotionally. After the war it was very easy to get drugs in our country. My husband became a drug addict. Plus after drugs and alcoholic, I too needed God. 
2008 I attended a conference. I received healing after healing. The whole week I cried. God healed my heart. First time in my life I knew God loved me and that I’m beautiful. I now know I have worth and I’m not a mistake. I’m His Princess and God knew me before because through this hardship diversity I was searching for God. I knew God was preparing my heart for something. Another time women’s conference God spoke to me. God spoke to me my vase was broken so many times. But God put me together, and nobody can break it as God is with me and I’m in His Hands. God healed me and now I can minister to other women. God loves women. 

Thank you to God, my Father,
He told me that although my father and mother abandoned me, He will never abandon me. God's love and special grace are with us. He is faithful and faithful to fulfill His Word. I remembered that a few years ago in a city, He had shown me that He Himself would give me what my earthly father was not able to give. And I believe that. I received a lot of blessings from my heavenly Father.  Today I received His renewal and anointing and I was filled with a special love. He gave me that which neither my mother nor my father were unable to give. Also I received a special revelation about spending time with God. At least 15 minutes a day. I want to do that. I want to tell everything to God. I thank Him for choosing us and for Jesus' sacrifice. In recently times I had been deceived into thinking that God was offended with me and so I was troubled by a lot of thoughts inside. But now, whatever happens, even if I don't forget the past, I want to move forward with God, listening to Him and giving the glory to Him. I want to praise Him joyfully. I thank God for you, Marguerite. With love,

What I received a revelation of:
God loves me.
My thoughts are important to Him
He is not ashamed of me.
He likes it when I praise Him
My Father is beside me.
God has given me wonderful people around me with whom I drink tea and to whom I give tea,
I had dreams which I thought could never be fulfilled, but now I believe they can be.
Thank you!

I received a revelation about a lot of things today. A lot of things about my heavenly Father. Wherever I am, and even if I leave Him, He will never leave me. He always gives me peace. He showed me that from now on, if someone offends me I should forgive him or her, and not break off the relationship.

1. I really liked the meeting and I want to do what God told me. I want to come to God's embrace, and sit in His peace and listen to His voice.
2. I realised that there are lots of parts of me which do not know God, and so for those part s of me to know God deeply, I have realised that I need to just spend time with Him.
3. I believe that Jesus Christ is indeed Almighty. Today more faith was added to my faith.
4. When praying for someone, I now understand that I am the face of God (God's representative) for that person. I understand that God is pleased with that person and I need speak words of comfort and encouragement.
I thank God for using Marguerite to minister to me.

This seminar influenced me a lot. I want to spend 15-20 minutes with God each day and be with Him. I want to always walk in the shadow of his wings and I want to rest in God. In order for there not to be un-forgiveness or judgment in my heart, I need to spend time with God each day. And when I need to pray for someone I will be the face of God to them (God's representative). Amen! Through this lesson, I forgive my father completely, for the sins he did against my mother and for the times when he was drunk and did not treat us well. Also for beating my mother and for not being able to be an honorable head of the house. I asked God for forgiveness for saying, at the time that my mother died, “why did my father not die instead?” I forgive my father. In the Name of Jesus. Amen!

I praise our father God for Marguerite's ministry. Father I thank you for bringing her to us.
I believe that God spoke to me through His daughter. We had been looking forward to this time so much. I will use the revelations I received today from now on in my life. I believe that God will continue to work. Through Marguerite I felt God's special love towards me and to all of us. He spoke to me at just the right time and gave me His blessing. He destroyed the lies that satan had sowed in my life. I had been mistaken and thought that some illnesses were punishment for sin. Now I want to use the truth and blessing in my life, and to declare it. God does not punish me. He is gentle-hearted and speaks in love and changes me. And further I want to know the truth about my Heavenly Father, who He is and declare it. I receive God's new strength, blessing and anointing. Thank you to Jesus my Lord, God the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Come again, Marguerite. May God continue to bless and anoint you and your ministry.

The things you shared were not new to me, but I hadn't taken them seriously before. I liked the way you shared personally from your own life and testimony. Starting with that is a sort of anointing that helped me to understand. It wasn't dry knowledge it was totally different. I felt God's presence and my heart became softer. Yesterday, I spent time with God, which I had wanted to do before but hadn't been able to. I thank God for you, Marguerite. I would love you to come here regularly. You are part of a process and your coming here is not without fruit.

Dear Marguerite,
    Thank you so much for ministering for us here, especially for me personally.
    I really thought that my earthly father is the best father in the world. I thought that I had an amazing childhood. In fact, my father was abusive man, an alcoholic, not honoring my mother, beating her for any reason, even when she’s giving him wise advice. He is not trustworthy man, didn’t keep his promises, ignoring our needs. I was surprised that I didn’t remember much about my childhood even I thought it was wonderful. Actually I received a lot of pain and pain from his abusive life towards to my mother. I learned from you that I have to forgive my earthly father. I didn’t think about it and never thought that I have a “right” to do that. 
Thank you so much that you helped me to understand how important to deal with this pain. I know that the process is so painful but it is worth doing it. God has delivered me from deep pain from my heart and showed me that I should choose to trust Him. 
I know in my mind that my earthly and Heavenly Father are different, but I realized that they were the same in my heart. It was a lie that God is not trustful and faithful. I believed lies that He was hiding good things from me because I haven’t deserved them. That He is not caring about me. But I have to choose to trust Him. He is faithful and trustworthy. He cares about me and loves me. It is difficult to believe in all this good character of God, but I have to renew my mind and choose to trust Him.

Dear Marguerite,
    Thank you for allowing God to touch my heart/our hearts thru you and your willingness to share your story. I can relate to the pain you have been thru, but also for the restorative, redeeming work God gives when we open our hearts to Him and let Him in.
    As you and Annie shared, I specifically received a clear answer to prayer:
I need to heal further in my journey. I am working on this currently and God is moving in my heart and life to make me whole.
He is redeeming my story.
I have authority in Jesus Christ to defeat the tactics of the enemy…to rebuke, renounce…
He has given me a heart. His, to not only love as women/children who have experienced injustices—but to help be hands, His, that heal.
He clarified for me that I am to specifically be involved in inner healing/spiritual restoration ministry. To let His love pour out and great blessing. 
    As you spoke this A.M. and then walked by as we sat in prayer, you touched my shoulder for a moment. I had warm chills (if that makes sense) running thru my body and I felt so loved and healed in some way—even physically in that moment—so physical pain let up. Hope flowed from you—from Him thru you to me.
    Thank you for being used by Him.
    With the Love of Jesus,

God, through you, allowed me to hug my mother the way I never got to but always wanted. I hugged my mother in your arms for the first time. Through you, my father said for the first time, “Forgive me.” Through you, He (God) confirmed the purpose of my business in make-up and skincare. I am learning to receive and listen. I could give love but couldn’t receive (or didn’t believe that I was loved). 

Before I dreamed about woman’s ministry (in 2004-2007) and a fire was into my heart. I move forward and nobody could stop me. But in 2008 my vision and my dreams about woman’s ministry are broken. I lost my dreams. 
Before God rose up me. The pastor’s wives invited me to preach in their churches. I preached in the different regions too. God opened me much. But a terrible thing was happened in my life, and I was fall down. And God rises me, but I can’t return my vision and dream. I dreamed to minister to the women of the different countries in our area.
When I came in this hall at the first day, God asked me: “Where is your dream? Why have you stopped to dream?”
And the next day you preached about vision. I heard that God spoke to my heart again. I asked God what in my character do You like? I saw a vision (dancing woman) and this woman became a beautiful flower. And some pictures I saw. I want you pray for me. 

Marguerite asked my daughter and I to join her at a Conference in Turkey. It was the first time my daughter and I were a part of this incredible conference. When we arrived, I was struck by the love I felt from everyone involved, especially from the leadership. Early on I was asked to help lead worship for the conference and very quickly I could feel my heart breaking wide open for each of the Central Asian women! I was told it was illegal for many of these women to worship in their own languages. I was so overwhelmed by the GOODNESS of God to provide a place of such freedom and safety for these women. To see them lead worship in their own languages and sing boldly songs of FREEDOM was breath-taking and something I will never forget.
During a morning session, I saw a woman up against the back wall, facing away from the group crying uncontrollably. I approached her slowly asking God if I should hug her and I felt that I should. She leaned her whole body into me and said over and over, “You have no idea what it means to us that you all are here.” I rocked her, cried with her and praised God for knowing just how much it would mean to us all to be there.
To say that I got to watch these women come alive is an understatement! As the week went on I saw their eyes that had been so filled with pain and shame become filled with light and joy. Marguerite spoke one evening on understanding our value and that God made us all beautiful. It was a night of celebration as these women danced and laughed and shouted and sang! There was so much love in the room that no barriers existed- not language or culture, just women together celebrating God and each other.
My daughter and I have been asked to speak at a few different groups/churches about our trip, and I have yet to speak of my experiences without crying. I am forever changed. I went to serve and came away with a treasure far more valuable than I ever imagined.

Dear Pastor & Ministry Leader,
It is my privilege to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Marguerite Evans. In December of 2013, Marguerite ministered to the women of Atlantic Shores Baptist Church and their guest at our Winter Women’s Event.  I attended the event and was deeply encouraged and blessed by the response of our ladies as Marguerite ministered the love of the Father to them. Jesus was exalted as the Holy Spirit worked powerfully through her speaking gifts. The one thing that impressed me the most about Marguerite was the obvious preparation she had done in prayer for that night; she was in tune with God and her audience. She spoke the Word of God with insight, love and power and then she prayed over our ladies with the same insight, love and power.
I recommend that you consider inviting Marguerite Evans to speak at your church or event. God has called her and gifted her to be a blessing to the body of Christ.
Kyle Wall, Senior Pastor, Atlantic Shores Baptist Church

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