“Marguerite Evans is an amazing woman of God. She is like a daughter to us, and she carries the message of God’s healing love wherever she goes. The Holy Spirit uses her powerfully to bring life changing breakthroughs. Hundreds can testify of her fruitful, anointed ministry. We highly recommend Marguerite.”
John & Carol Arnott, Founders of Catch the Fire Ministries

“Transforming the hearts and minds of God’s people is at the center of Marguerite Evans’ ministry. God consistently uses her heart of compassion and love to break through the strongholds and bring healing in people’s lives. Her passion for the Kingdom of God is evident in her ministry and her life.”
Gordon Robertson, CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network

“Marguerite Evans is a unique woman of God. She carries a gracefulness and a graciousness that opens the hearts of even the most broken to receive the Father’s love. Her words of encouragement, prophetic insight and sound Biblical teaching leave people wanting more! She is a servant of the Lord powerfully anointed for our time.”
Dan Backens, Senior Pastor New Life Providence Church in Virginia Beach, VA

Dear Pastor & Ministry Leader,
It is my privilege to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Marguerite Evans. In December of 2013, Marguerite ministered to the women of Atlantic Shores Baptist Church and their guest at our Winter Women’s Event.  I attended the event and was deeply encouraged and blessed by the response of our ladies as Marguerite ministered the love of the Father to them. Jesus was exalted as the Holy Spirit worked powerfully through her speaking gifts. The one thing that impressed me the most about Marguerite was the obvious preparation she had done in prayer for that night; she was in tune with God and her audience. She spoke the Word of God with insight, love and power and then she prayed over our ladies with the same insight, love and power.
I recommend that you consider inviting Marguerite Evans to speak at your church or event. God has called her and gifted her to be a blessing to the body of Christ.
Kyle Wall, Senior Pastor, Atlantic Shores Baptist Church

It was a joy to have Marguerite minister at New Life. She ministers with maturity and wisdom beyond her years. She is an excellent communicator - her messages are filled with truth, which gives hope and points the hearer to Jesus. She consistently demonstrates loving compassion as the Lord uses her to bringing healing and wholeness. We highly recommend her inspiring and life-impacting ministry. 
Gary and Michelle Smith, Senior Pastors New Life Christian Fellowship, Alpena, MI

“Marguerite touched so many lives here in Peru. I highly recommend her.”
Eduardo Pensotti, Senior Pastor of Centro Familiar Cristiano in Lima, Peru

“We give thanks to our God for Marguerite, because she is a useful instrument in His hands. She testified to us with her life, because only a heart that is totally surrendered to our Lord could minister in the way that she did during this time of Revival in Peru.”
Hugo & Juanita Hoyos, Senior Pastors of Movimiento Carismatico Internacional in Lima, Peru

Bold, inviting, insightful and Scripture-filled Marguerite Evans empowers women to walk purposefully towards their destiny in Christ.
Mary Inman, Pastor of Harbor Light Church in Fremont, CA

Thanks for coming all the way to the East of Germany to spend an evening with women of all ages in our church.  It was a free and informal meeting in which you and your mom shared your testimony of receiving inner healing and of how you God helped you see your true worth and beauty.
Although many expected you to share about being South Africa's beauty queen and what this meant for your life, you surprised us by openly speaking on tough, unspoken issues of sexual abuse, brokenness, beauty coming forth through inner healing.
You and your mom sharing set an atmosphere of freedom and for healing to happen to many.  Healing didn't just happen invisibly to inner wounds, but God also met physical needs of those present: chronic back pain instantly healed - legs growing out - a mother of five, who hadn't been able to kneel in years, can now do it again and walk normally without any pain ...
Women were touched by the loving embrace of the Father and by you and your mom being His channel of love. Thanks again for making yourself vulnerable and thus giving others the chance to heal and do likewise!
Katrin Weinhold, Senior Leader Elim Church Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany.

“I have known Marguerite for over five years now and can recall my first time meeting her. Marguerite’s ministry with CTF afforded me the opportunity to sit under her teaching, equipping, and ministry. It was then that I began to appreciate her gifting, her anointing and her spirit. Though she abounds in natural beauty, it truly was her relationship with the Holy Spirit that touched me deeply. Since those early days, I have had the honor of getting to know Marguerite and her husband Andy very well. We have served together in ministry on several occasions, and I have been greatly honored in doing so. Marguerite and Andy have plugged into the fabric of our church and serve with great grace and faithfulness. In addition to her heart to serve, Marguerite has a strong prophetic gift in her life that when released brings healing, wholeness, strength and encouragement to people’s lives. Combine this with her passion to see others grow in their intimacy with God and you will see a great woman of God release more of the Kingdom of God everywhere she goes and in everything she does. It has been my delight to be her pastor and to have her and Andy a part of our lives. We love them dearly.”
David Addesa, Senior Pastor of Harvest Assembly Church in Chesapeake, VA

“Our church, New Life Providence, asked Mrs. Marguerite Evans to come teach on the prophecy gifting and lead a prophetic presbytery. Over 820 people received a personal prophecy. The teaching by Mrs. Evans was so clear and simple to our congregation that it was like a new breath of life to this God given gift, and our church felt safe. I believe that Mrs. Evans is one whom God has called to speak into the prophetic circle, to bring back pure words of hope from His heart.”
Melvin L. McCleese, Pastor of New Life Providence in Virginia Beach, VA

 “Marguerite Evans Ministries on her home continent, South Africa, has been profound. The story of her legacy – a praying mother and grandmother who cried out to God in desperate moments, and God’s miraculous interventions of saving, healing and restoration – is an inspiration to all who hear her. Marguerite is able to minister to others, as she reaches far beyond the immediate and draws from her personal experiences of His faithful promises to bring hope and life to all. As part of her life message, Marguerite brings a timely word to the body of Christ, ushering ladies into their true identity in Christ and revealing more of the Father’s heart to any who will hear. A wonderful sensitivity to the Holy Spirit runs deep through Marguerite’s life, which brings powerful moments of God-encounters and transformations to those receiving ministry.”
Lisa Crumpton, Pastor Breakthru Life Church in Johannesburg, South Africa

“Our ladies are still smiling when they think of the dinner and makeover conference we held with Marguerite Evans. The three ladies that received the personal ministry from Marguerite have maintained their new looks. Women loving hurt women to completeness in Christ is a true ministry calling that Marguerite walks in so graciously.”
Cyndi Foster, Senior Pastor & Overseer of Beauty For Ashes Church in Newport News, VA

“Marguerite Evans gives so fully of herself in ministering to others, declaring and demonstrating the Father’s heart of love. Many of those touched by her ministry have shared that they ‘felt love’ and their ‘hearts were renewed.’ Above all, Marguerite’s inspired phrase, ‘beauty from the inside out’ continues to resonate among the congregation and has been adopted as one of the focal points of the Sister to Sister Women’s Ministry at our church.”
Brenda Hazel, Pastor of Latter Rain Christian Fellowship in New York City, NY

“Marguerite Evans carries a powerful ministry restoring the beauty and true identity of the bride of Christ. The spiritual and emotional freedom and the physical transformation released over the women Marguerite ministered to when in Cyprus was life-changing for the women and inspirational to witness. Her teachings during the conference were straightforward, practical and from the heart. What’s more, the impartations were powerful! The physical healings, especially of a lady who was deaf in one ear, were a glorious manifestation of God power alive in Marguerite.  We look forward to having Marguerite return and bless the people in the nation of Cyprus again.”
Roksoliana Melnyk, Founder of The Emerald Foundation

“I would like to tell you about Marguerite Evans, who presented a professional fashion event at our church. She took everyday women, from all walks of life, and transformed them into professional models in just a few hours of training. Marguerite met with three ladies one-on-one. She ministered inner healing and outward confidence, teaching each of them how to dress fashionably and look their absolute best. These makeovers were incredible. Marguerite’s ability to work with all personalities and her gentle, sweet spirit made this event a memorable one at our church. I highly recommend her.”
Debby Havens, Women’s Ministry Leader. Women’s Ministries Harvest Assembly Church, Virginia Beach, VA.

“I saw Marguerite do an awesome job at our ‘Made in His Image’ conference for teenage girls. She was led by the Holy Spirit and had love and compassion for each girl that attended. I would definitely work with her again in future conferences and retreats.”
Kathy Osborn, Youth Pastor of Harvest Assembly Church in Chesapeake, VA

Thank you for coming to our humble “ville”, and for pouring out your life. My prayer was that you would be free to release into this weekend everything in God’s heart for the moment and season. I longed for you to give what you had—in your beautiful way. Thank you for doing just that. As I shared about the oil—I believe God is bringing His New Oil to the earth, and He is using you. He showed me that this weekend would be like New Oil pouring forth—and truly, He exceeded and fulfilled all my hopes.
God bless you and your beautiful, powerful, dynamic, humble, graciously serving team. What a joy to see you all working and ministering together with one spirit. You and they are beautiful.
Already we have received pleas for you all to return. We will see how and where He opens the way.
Thank you for your prayer. So many were deeply blessed. Thank you for sharing your heart, for boasting in the Lord, for loving, for reading the scriptures, for demystifying Toronto… Thank you for the stories and beauty and power… Thank you for you.
May this offering go toward exalting our Lord in all the earth through your ministry. The one Who called you is faithful—and you are full of His grace and glory.
May he fill you more and more.
Much love,
Joan Hutter, Women’s Abide Ministry, Charlottesville, VA

My wife and I have the blessings and honor to know Mrs. Marguerite Evans for almost 4 years. I had not seen before a person who expresses the “Love of our Father in Heaven” like her. There are many testimonies of people who had been touched by her ministry in Peru, my wife and I are so grateful to have her as our leader, friend and teacher. Pastor Victor Marcos

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